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SC-03 Smart Curtain Rail Set

SC-03 Smart Curtain Rail Set

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Service Included

  • 2 Years Warranty (ON-SITE)
  • Professional Installation
  • Sales Consultation, Call or WhatsApp us at +65 88992006
 Full Smart Electric Curtain Track Set 3M & 6M 
If you find out that you have forgotten to close the curtains, you don't have to stand up to do the closure. After installing this motor, you can remotely control the Opening & Closing of the curtain.
Model Number :
  1. SC03
  2. SC06
Feature Highlights :
  • Customized loss stop position to control the flat ratio.
  • Cool and excellent technical design, just click the smartphone, your daily life will become more relaxed and make your home more smarter.
  • Compatible with Tuya app Alexa, Google Home Assistant , you can open or close the curtains by voice.
  • Touch start function, Power failure, pull function, Resistance And Stop Function , Run gracefully, Fabric rebound correction function , Stroke fine tuning function, Electronic memory limit, Remote control, Timing control , Speech control, Positive inversion settings, Calibration function.
  • You can set the timing/countdown timer in the Tuya APP to turn on/off your electronic curtains. Such as: 7: 00 pull the curtains to let the morning sun wake you up slowly. 22: 00 pull up the curtains, the sleep mode is quite comfortable.
    Control your smart device with your family.
Packing list :
  1.  Electric curtain motor
  2.  Tracks & Accessories 
  3.  Remote control: 1 pc
Service included : 
  • Standard installation w/o curve  ( EXCEPT additional job: run wiring & PVC casing)
  • Per curving area add-on $30
  • 1 Years warranty On-Site

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